About Us

  • Craig Baker, LMFT

    Craig Baker is a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), specializing in working with children, adolescents, couples and families. Craig is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). Craig draws upon many therapeutic modalities  including;  Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotionally  Focused Therapy.  Craig is a  level 3 Gottman Certified Couples therapist.  

    Craig's focus is on 'healing' with compassion and empathy . He is a strong advocate for individuals who have been marginalized and or disenfranchised by family or culture.  He believes all individuals have a right to have their emotions validated and respected.  Craig has spent considerable amount of time  advocating and working with individuals  on the Autistic Spectrum and their families.  Craig is passionate about couples therapy and helping couples create more emotional intimacy and love in their relationships . He believes emotional intimacy and emotional connections are the primary  foundations for communication, healing and physical intimacy. 

    Craig loves the outdoors. The ocean and the mountains are where he finds solace. He hails from the San Francisco Bay area, but spent most of his last years in California living and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Monterey, CA.

  • Allison Duersch, LMFT

    Allison Duersch, LMFT, completed her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University. She has over 9 years of clinical experience across a variety of settings including outpatient specialty clinics, outpatient counseling offices, and now a Telehealth private practice. She has provided clinical and administrative supervision to professional therapist interns. She has a broad range of clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and families across their lifespan in the following areas:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Relationships
    • Marriage issues
    • Life stress
    • Family of origin issues
    • Self-image and self-esteem issues
    • Personality disorders

    Allison utilizes a blend of Cognitive Behavioral, Client-Centered, and Solution Focused Therapy to a wide range of individuals ages 16 and up. Her theory is when individuals have an open mind and heart, motivation to improve, and the courage to seek growth, they can accomplish the goals they desire with her help.

    Allison utilizes Telehealth, or video chat, which is a popular and professionally accepted way to provide a counseling session in a safe and convenient environment. It provides an easy way to meet with your therapist without having to come to an office. The session can be conducted over a computer or smartphone anywhere you can have a private conversation.

  • Andrea Bai, LCSW

    Andrea Bai is an LCSW with over 7 years of direct clinical experience. She received her Bachelor's of Social Work from Brigham Young University and her Master's of Social Work from the University of Utah. She previously worked with children in foster care as well as did hospital social work. She recently became trained in CBIT which stands for Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics. There are few therapists trained in this specialty and so she will solely be accepting clients in need of this service. If you or your child are struggling with motor or vocal tics and are motivated to regain control over them, then she would love to help through telehealth. 

    Andrea's oldest son has suffered from tics since kindergarten and has been diagnosed with Tourettes. She understands firsthand the frustration and pain that comes from this syndrome, and when she couldn't find a therapist to help her son, she sought out the training to help him herself. She wants to be that resource for others that she was unable to find for her son. CBIT works best for children over the age of 8 and adults, but if your child is younger than this, she can still provide some education and interventions to help until the child is old enough for the process to work.

    Andrea has three young and very active boys that keep her on her toes and an active husband that keeps her on her road bike. She has biked three centuries (100 miles), as well as biked the entire Oregon coastline with her husband. But what she enjoys most is just relaxing after her children finally go to sleep each night.

  • Jason Kowallis, MFT

    Jason is a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) who attended Touro University Worldwide, Specializing in couples, adolescent teens, and families. Jason utilizes a wide variety of models of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy, Experiential Therapy, and Client Centered therapy.

    Jason believes that humans can have human experiences. The human experience deserves attention love and care. Jason believes that as we listen to our emotions and the emotions around us, we have the potential to live a life that is plentiful and more fulfilling. Jason is enthusiastic with couples and eager to help those struggling with communication and managing conflict. Jason is an avid supporter for those who are marginalized and feel isolated from the culture that surrounds them. Jason believes that emotional connections are vital to creating more fulfilled relationships. Through these emotional connections, we can live a more authentic life.

    Jason loves his Wife, 2 small girls, and baby boy. Jason loves to go to Disneyland when he can with his family. Jason loves holidays of all sizes and shapes as long as his wife and kids are there to enjoy it as well. Jason is also not afraid to admit a bit of friendly competition with video games. Jason loves to let loose at a Renaissance fair and be himself whenever he can. Jason finds peace in helping others live a more authentic life.